FAQ Axe Throwing Tucson - All About Our Ax Throwing Ranges

Why wouldn’t you, DUH!?! Because inside of you there’s a tomahawk tossing ninja that’s been dying to be let loose since you were 9 years old!

Well, and because it’s so much fun!! The thrill of victory and rush of adrenaline you get when you hit a bullseye and hear your friends screaming your name is, well… Priceless!!!

But most of all, it is pure unadulterated fun.

Yes! Have a picnic in the woods! Bring your own food or snacks, pack a cooler! We do not provide any eating utensils. That is the responsibility of the group to bring their own if you’re planning to bring food. Please ensure you clean up after your self, we’re not your mother.

We do have vending machines with drinks and munchies as well.

Sure, if we have the availability. If you do not have a full group of at least four to six people, you will be throwing axes with others.
All day time events must be booked in advance.

It is customary to tip your Axepert. After all, they keep you safe and coach you for an hour and a half.

We also have vending machines available for snacks or drinks.

ONLY CLOSED TOE SHOES ALLOWED. We want to keep those piggies safe.
Something comfortable, but we like plaid. You will be throwing the axe from over your head and we really don’t want to see your bellies.
No high heels and only closed toe shoes.

No, due to our insurance policies, the only axes that can be used are the ones that we provide during the event.

But!!! You can purchase a regulation, professional throwing axe, that you can personalize and call your own. Your axe will be kept on our premises where it will be kept safe and only be used by you.

You can have a maximum of 6 people per lane, yup math whiz, that makes it twelve per range!
Now, if it is just a few of you, you may end up throwing axes with another group on the same lane, or even the same range.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early. Your session begins promptly at your reservation time with a brief training. To keep us on schedule and the groups scheduled after you, we’ll have to end your session exactly 1.5 hours after your reservation time, even if you arrive late.

The group size you booked tells us how many throwing lanes and axepert’s your group needs. Please call us before bringing additional throwers to ensure we can accommodate. If we can, you’re good to go!

Unfortunately, no. We're good citizens that like to pay our taxes.

Our axe throwing friends are loyal, they just keep coming back. If you’re looking to book on a weekend, then you should book in advance. Or, you know, have a look at our schedule and figure it out. Click on the “BOOK NOW” button that’s on every page.

Yes, starting at the age of 10 and MUST be accompanied by an adult, preferably a parent.

There is a strength restriction. If we feel that a person is not strong enough to throw the axe in a safe manner, then we will not let them throw.

We require that parents or guardians diligently monitor their children at all times. Your child must always be in your immediate care, we do not babysit. Our Axeperts job is to keep everyone safe, not watch your kids. If you cannot watch them, we will give you one warning and then you will be asked to leave. This is for the safety of everyone in the arena, we cannot have kids running in front of axes.

Sorry, but we have already scheduled your Axepert to work, reserved the range for you and refused other axe throwing enthusiasts. We can certainly reschedule for you though.

Yes, if you’re into that sort of thing. People are more than welcome to come and cheer on their friends and family at no additional cost to them. They cannot throw an axe or enter the range though. We have an area they can sit at to cheer you on though. Please also read “CAN MY KIDDOS DO THIS?” as those same rules apply.

You bet your axe we do! We have 4 Leagues a year, and 3 League Nights to accommodate the schedules of our hatchet hurlers. Register quickly!

CLICK HERE to learn about joining a League.