Axe throwing in Tucson & Phoenix | Team Building + axe throwing

Indoor axe throwing has been around in Canada for 12 years and is a popular pastime for our friendly neighbors up north. Learning the sport of axe throwing in a safe and controlled environment from an experienced instructor is an axellent way to be introduced to the sport.

In 2013 we created Escape Room Tucson ( Very quickly it became one of the premier escape rooms in the country. Through our constant need to be the best, we continued to grow and innovate. We’re always on a constant quest for new and exciting experiences to bring to you. This is how Splitting Timber Axe Range (STAR) was born.

We have taken all the knowledge and experience gained in our years with Escape Room Tucson and applied it into giving you the best experience possible at Splitting Timber Axe Range.

We’re locally owned and family operated, and we continue to support our local community. We support our law enforcement and first responders as well as past and current military members. We thank you for your service and sacrifice.

Yes, you can enjoy indoor axe throwing in Tucson and Phoenix! Did you ever think you could practice axe throwing in Tucson? Treat your entire staff for a corporate party with axe throwing in Phoenix Axe? Splitting Timber axe range can help you bury the hatchet and become a lumber lord. It’s kick axe!

We are happy to bring indoor axe throwing to Tucson and North Phoenix. You can bury the hatchet and Splitting Timber Axe Range and become a Lumber Lord!

It’s Kick Axe!

(Bring your closed toe shoes to the battle, they are MANDATORY for safety reasons).